Welcome to Wendy Loves Pets

About Wendy


Animals Are My Happy Place

Ever since I was a child I have loved animals. Growing up we had many dogs and cats, and as a mom raising three children, we had dogs, cats, rabbits and even a rat! (She was lovely by the way).

Now that my kids are grown and I don't have any pets of my own, I love spending time with other people's pets. 


Pets Are Part of the Family

Today most people's pets are part of the family. We find the best food, make sure they see the vet regularly and of course, gets LOTS OF LOVE. 

That's why when we travel we don't want to leave them in a kennel. Having a pet sitter come into your home reduces both your stress and your animal's anxiety. 


More Than Just Pets

You may not have pets, but don't like to leave your home unattended. 

As your home sitter I will water your plants, collect the mail and ensure your home looks lived in while you're away.